Apple Q4 Earnings Call – Revenue Short of Expectations

Apple held its Q4 earnings call yesterday to provide details of how the company has done for the last quarter of the fiscal year. Analysists had predicted revenue of $29.6 billion with the actual amount being $28.27 billion.

As for actual sales figures of the most popular devices we see that 17.07 million iPhones were sold that quarter which is a 21 percent increase on last year. iPad also had amazing sales at 11.12 million units sold which is a 166 percent increase on last year. 4.89 million Macs were sold which is also a 26 percent jump. One of the downs was the drop of 27 percend in iPod sales which saw 6.62 million units sell.

One reason that Apple fell short of expectations is believed to be all the iPhone 5 hype. Many people expected an iPhone 5 to launch last week and held of purchasing an iPhone until it was (wasn’t in this case) announced.

Apple CEO Tim Cook blames iPhone 5 rumors for underperforming quarter and slower iPhone 4 sales. “The reduction happened largely in the back half of the quarter as speculation hit extreme highs,” Cook says. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer later reiterated that the “biggest impact was the rumors, which were very pervasive.”


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