iPhone 4G Wanted Back by Apple

We expected to hear that Apple [AAPL] would want their iPhone 4G back from all the Gizmodo episodes yesterday. Gizmodo has gone and posted the formal request for the iPhone 4G which they only refer to as a device.

The formal request can be seen over on the Gizmodo site (assuming it is a formal request and all not staged) but anything like that would be pure speculation right now. Lets just see if Giz are invited to the Apple event on June 22. We assume they still will be.

Gizmodo reply to the letter…

Bruce, thanks.
Here’s Jason Chen, who has the iPhone. And here’s his address. You two should coordinate a time.

[Blah Blah Blah Address]

Happy to have you pick this thing up. Was burning a hole in our pockets. Just so you know, we didn’t know this was stolen [as they might have claimed. meaning, real and truly from Apple. It was found, and to be of unproven origin] when we bought it. Now that we definitely know it’s not some knockoff, and it really is Apple’s, I’m happy to see it returned to its rightful owner.

P.S. I hope you take it easy on the kid who lost it. I don’t think he loves anything more than Apple.

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