iPhone 4 UK Pre-Order Shipping Date Now July 14

The Apple [AAPL] iPhone 4 continues to sell well in the UK with new pre-orders now shipping on July 14. For the last couple of days the date has been July 2 and for those who managed to get a pre-order in on Monday, you’ll still get yours June 24.

If you want an iPhone 4 in the UK on June 24 then you best get queuing at the Apple store closest to you. Stores open at 8am.

On to network details for the iPhone 4. O2 released their iPhone 4 pricing earlier today and Orange also released pricing yesterday. Only 3 networks to go now with Three believed to be holding off revealing the iPhone 4 UK price until other networks have revealed their pricing as Three apparently want to undercut them all on pricing and possibly minutes/data and texts.

We’ll keep an eye on tariffs and let you know as soon as other networks reveal their pricing.

If you don’t mind waiting till July 14 then you can pre-order over at Apple.

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