O2 iPhone 4 UK Prices Revealed

O2 has announced the iPhone 4 UK price for it’s network. We already knew the tariffs as they were announced last week. Now we know handset prices although O2 has mixed the 24 and 18 month plans together making it a little confusing.

If you want an 18 month contract on the cheapest plan, you will pay £30/month for just 100 minutes, unlimited text messages and 500MB of data. For the 16GB iPhone 4, O2 has the 18 month price listed as £209. The same iPhone 4 on the 24 month plan is £5 cheaper per month at £25/month, but the handset price actually goes up to £279.

If you want to get an iPhone 4 for free only the 24 month £60/month plan is available which probably wont save you any money unless you intend to make a lot of calls. We think you are best sticking to the mid-range £35/month on an 18 month contract which sees you get the 16GB iPhone 4 for £179.

O2 has made the information a little confusing by mixing both the 18 and 24 month plans in to the same table. When comparing the lowest end plans you actually pay more for the handset and less for the contract where as the mid range and high end plans you get the handset for the same price and the contract price varies by £5.

What are your thoughts on the plans? The data is what seems to kill it for me with only 500MB on the lower end plans and a lower amount of minutes when compared to the Orange iPhone 4 UK prices. Lets see what Vodafone, T-Mobile and Tesco have to offer.

Full plans can be found here which includes PAYG and Business tariffs. The table below shows personal tariffs.


  1. Russell Mason says

    the O2 deal is far better on an 18 month contract as Orange is £40-£50 more expensive on the handset. The 500Mb of data is only when you are on GPRS or 3G connections and that doesnt even kick in until october. Dont forget you can always downgrade O2 tariffs one level half way through so you can reduce line rental and then at then end switch back to simplicity and save more.

    Safe to say i will be renewing with O2 again

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