iPhone 4 Rumours are Starting

iphone4-conceptWe have heard a few rumours about an iPhone 4 being launched in 2010. One of the rumours started just a few weeks ago when a label called iPhone 3,1 was spotted in some statistics software. When spotted, 3,1 was an unknown designation and I believe this is still the case.

Reports are going around today that say Foxconn have taken an order for the next generation of iPhones, perhaps the iPhone 4. The company already makes the iPhone for Apple, and word from Cupertino said to start preparing the next batch of iPhones.

Gizmodo expect the launch to happen in June next year and perhaps with an announcement from Apple with in the next few months although it could be left till just a few weeks before.

If Apple are launching a new iPhone then we could be seeing some extra features such as RFID for ewallet transactions along with a forward facing camera for video calls, a better battery maybe as well as the potential of an AMOLED screen. Right now it’s all just rumours although a new iPhone launched next year would certainly follow on the trend of iPhone releases.

Via: Gizmodo, Mobile Review

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