iPhone 4 US Pre-orders Also shipping July 2

Earlier today we reported that the Apple store had sold out of iPhone 4 UK pre-orders and that new pre-orders were not expected to ship now till July 2.

AT&T has also got the same message with all July 24 pre-orders selling out within 24 hours. That is certainly some achievement. Although some might say that there could have been a shortage of iPhone 4 smartphones available, hence they sold out so quick, we suspect that a lot were actually sold as server issues plagued the system all day on Apple [AAPL] and AT&Ts [T] side indicating very high traffic to the Apple store.

The best bet now will be to try stores that are taking pre-orders although we heard that Best Buy, Radio Shack and Wal Mart (and others we might have missed) are not actually taking pre-orders.

If that’s the case then it looks like your going to have to join the long over night queues and spend hours standing in line with other Apple customers.

Over in the UK we are expecting the networks to open up pre-orders shortly although their lack of communication is making us wonder if they intend to offer pre-orders at all with networks such as Three and T-Mobile saying they wont be offering the iPhone 4 on launch day. It seems the best bet in the UK is to also join the queue although we don’t see as long queues in the UK except for the Regent Street store.


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