iPhone 4 AT&T Pre-orders Suspended

Apple [AAPL] in both the UK and US had issues yesterday with the iPhone 4 pre-orders overwhelming the servers.

AT&T [T] is also suffering too with the company suspending pre-orders. It appears that the only way to order an iPhone 4 in the US at the moment is through Apple on their online store although new pre-orders are now being shipped ready for delivery on July 2.

It isn’t clear when AT&T will bring pre-orders back up online, but yesterday we heard that some stores in the US were using paper to record new iPhone orders and we guess that the company has a huge backlog to get through.

The demand for the iPhone 4 has been astonishing considering the fairly high price and long contract length. Although Apple must be happy with the speed at which they sold the first batch of iPhone orders, it’s not so good for customers who in some cases, spent 3 hours trying to pre-order the iPhone 4.

We’ll keep you updated on the AT&T situation and pre-orders could be back up soon. When we checked just now, they were not.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. Most people are not bothered by long contracts. Only the people who are the extreme Type “A” personalilties that jump around from company to company and phone to phone are bothered by these contracts.

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