iPhone 3GS HDR Photos Could Become Official

We have seen a hack before that allows the iPhone 3GS to get HDR photography. This modification required that you jailbreak the iPhone 3GS and edit a file to activate the feature.

What we hear now is that Apple [AAPL] could have intended on the iPhone 3GS getting HDR photography all along. The information comes from a couple of images of the HDR button found in the firmware for the phone. Two image files were found. One of them had a retina display enhanced version of the HDR image (button found at the top of the screen when capturing an image). A second lower resolution image was also found that looks to be optimised for the regular display.

What this indicates is a couple of things. Either Apple intended the HDR feature to be included in iOS 4.1 for the 3GS, or that they might add it in the future.

We are actually more inclined to think that it was planned but then pulled due to quality reasons. When using HDR on the iPhone 4, there is often image blur on moving objects. The iPhone 4 camera seems to be quicker than the 3GS camera to me which makes me think that HDR on the 3GS would just start showing even more blur.

I could be wrong though and 3GS owners might possibly get the HDR function in iOS 4.2 when it launches in a couple of months time.

Via: 9to5Mac

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