New iPad SDK Mentions Video Calling

The Apple [AAPL] iPad was first announced about a month ago and at that time it was revealed that it doesn’t have a camera at all on the device. A few weeks later it was spotted that the iPad’s bezel actually had a cut out for a camera but it still seems like the final iPad won’t actually arrive with a camera. This could mean a second generation iPad is already being built.

A new iPad SDK was recently released that was also found to support a front facing camera, camera flash, zoom and video conferencing.

This information was found in the SDK thanks to a couple of buttons that show large Decline and Accept video call buttons which appear to be too big for the iPhone screen.

From what we see, it looks like Apple have the intention of including a camera in a next generation iPad model. It’s a shame it didn’t make it to this model even though the right type of bezel was included in the design.

If we find out more about this we’ll post it here. I guess there is a VERY slim chance that a camera could be packed in to the final iPad that launches next month, but up till now there is no indication of it on the Apple site.

Via: MacRumors

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