iPad iOS 5 Compared Side by Side with Windows 8 Slate

After the quite impressive looking Windows 8 preview was released to developers a few days ago the question that I’ve seen across the net asks if it will be the next iPad killer. Windows 8 actually looks quite good and seems to have been thought out well. We’ve seen it running on a few tablets in the past few days but haven’t seen a side by side comparison with the actual iPad.

The test was performed on an Apple iPad running a beta version of iOS 5 and the Windows 8 Slate was installed with the version released just a few days ago. Unfortunately Windows 8 isn’t near finished yet which means a true comparison of some of the software such as Mail, Calendar and the app store couldn’t be done. However, thanks to Win Rumors we have a decent side by side to help give you some first impressions of how Windows 8 will compare to iOS 5 (or perhaps even iOS 6 by the time W8 launches).

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