iPad 2 Display Wont Be OLED

We just mentioned some details about the iPad 2 getting cameras. We now hear that the 9.7 inch screen will not be OLED as rumored before. Of course, this is just another rumor to tackle the previous rumor which said it would. The reason that the iPad 2 display wont be OLED is apparently because of Samsung Mobile Display not being able to manufacture enough of them in time for the iPad 2 release date.

Samsung Mobile Display have about 98% market share of OLED panels and as Apple needs millions of them making any time now, this just isn’t going to happen.

Mid next year, Samsung will open a new factory that will boost production of the OLED panels, but this will be a little too late for the iPad 2 release date and could perhaps mean that the iPad 3 will get OLED instead.

Oled-Display make mention of the iPad 2 getting a Retina display, but we are not so sure of that at the moment as the pixel density would match that of the iMac 27 inch model in a 9.7 inch screen. We don’t know that for sure though, and we can always hope for an ultra high pixel density screen!

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