iPad 2 Front and Rear Cameras Hinted at Again

The iPad 2 rumors keep flowing in before its estimated release date. This time we hear more about the iPad 2 camera, or cameras as we learn. Certain sources are claiming that dual cameras will be included in the iPad 2 and that production will go ahead as expected in the first quarter of 2011.

The information comes from Reuters who managed to get together four sources of information relating to the iPad 2 cameras.

The rumors indicate that Wintek and Simplo will be ramping up production early in 2011 in preparation for the build. Also Largan and Genius have received new orders from Apple although it isn’t known what is included in these orders.

We expect that the iPad 2 will have a camera or perhaps 2 as FaceTime is getting pushed in a big way recently and it would be just odd not having FaceTime ability added to the iPad. As for other rumors, we hear that the iPad 2 wont get a retina display as it would essentially pack as many pixels in a 9.7 inch screen as the 27 inch iMac has, but we do expect some kind of increase in the pixel density.

Via: Apple Insider

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