iPad 2 Case is Smaller: Original iPad Wont Fit

We’ve been hearing that the new iPad 2 will be a bit smaller than the original although it will still retain the same 9.7 inch screen. This of course means that the relatively fat bezel will actually be made smaller.

Some possible proof may have been found to indicate how much smaller the new iPad 2 will be and from what we see, it wont be by a huge amount although it will be a tad thinner too.

MIC Gadget managed to get hold of a real iPad 2 case that has a camera hole in the back as well as being slightly smaller and thinner. Apparently, the case seen in the embedded video below is a case that has held a real iPad 2 and not just a mockup model like previously seen.

Other items that hint at a smaller iPad model coming (remember, still the same screen size), are some screen protectors that appeared to also be a tad smaller than usual.

According to 9to5Mac, the case seen in the video is from a famous US company who has secured an order for 120,000 of them. With a company asking for that many, we are starting to assume that the case is in the right dimensions and that it could be the real deal. Also note that the speaker cut out also hints at the larger speaker we have seen in previous case images. Other than that, most other ports and connector openings look to be kept in the same locations.

Check out the video below to see a demonstration of the case and below that, a higher res image with the original iPad photoshopped in.

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