ioSafe Solo SSD Burnt Dropped Dunked Crushed and Still Keeps Data Safe

Over at CES the guys who create the ioSafe Solo SSD that we mentioned last week decided to put on a presentation of the SSD getting dropped, burnt, dunked and driven over by a tractor. The result… check after the jump.

The idea of the ioSafe Solo drives is to protect your data from worst case scenarios such as house fires or floods. The company encase a harddrive or SSD in a special bag that’s sealed to prevent water getting in. A special coating is then covered around the drive and then a very strong casing around that to make a heavy but safe lump to store all of your photos, videos, documents etc… without the worry of the data getting damaged.

The presentation at CES was to show you exactly how much abuse these drives can take and it’s nothing short of impressive! Technical specs show the drive can handle 5,000 pounds of crush force, a 20 foot drop, fire up to 1,550 degrees F for up to 30 minutes as well as a 30 foot dunk in water for several days.

Well, you’ll be glad to know the test was successful and after putting the drive through the stresses and strains of a bad event the drive was taken away from it’s protective cover and plugged in. A photo copied to the drive before the test was successfully grabbed off the drive after the painful tests.

The new SSD drives have added extra to the already impressive HD versions in that they can handle shock due to no damage happening after drops etc..

Prices start at $499 for the 64GB version going up to about $1,250 for the higher end 256GB model. More pictures of all the tests can be found at Extreme Tech.

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