ioSafe Solo SSD Revealed

If you look back a few months you might remember the fireproof and waterproof harddrive we reviewed from ioSafe that was capable of withstanding temperatures of 1550F for 30 minutes as well as being dunked in 10 feet of water for 3 days. If your house caught fire and you wanted safe data then an ioSafe is a fantastic option.

ioSafe have now introduced a new version of the drive that runs an SSD drive rather than a harddrive inside. It is called the ioSafe Solo SSD. ioSafe say that the external water and fireproof SSD is the first of it’s kind. The drive comes in capacities of up to 256GB and connects to a computer via an eSATA/USB interface.

The material used to keep things safe on the drive is called ArmorPlate that is a military grade steel casing. By using the grade of steel it does the drive receives protection from shock and protects it from being crushed.

By using both ArmorPlate and an SSD the drive is capable of being protected in a two story building collapse with a 5000lb crush rating. Also it can withstand a 20 foot drop with a 1000g shock. The drive can withstand the same temperatures of 1550 F for half an hour just like the regular harddrive versions of the drive, but also it can go an extra 20′ deep in water for 3 days.

It looks to be quite an impressive drive and as it follows in the same vein as the older HD version it looks to be a fantastic option. The 64GB model costs $499 while the 256GB model costs $1250. Drives will start shipping next month from several distributors.

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