iOS 5.1 GM Might get Japanese Siri and Slide to Camera

The current version of iOS 5.1 for developers is the beta 3 version. BGR appears to have got hold of an early version of iOS 5.1 GM though and along with it, they have detailed a couple of new features.

The first is a slide up to access the camera which is similar to what is on iOS 5. In this version the small camera icon can be slid up the lock screen to reveal the camera view finder. It doesn’t really change much, but the slide instead of tap is noticeable. I am guessing that the big change here will be with the icon always being available on the lock screen. At the moment, the camera icon only appears after a double-tap on the home button.

The next update (also pictured above), is of the Siri settings which now hints at the Japanese language being supported. This follows on from a report very recently about Japanese Siri making an appearance when you ask Siri what languages he can speak.

We are not sure when GM will be released, but expect it within the next week or so leaving just a few more weeks till the final version which I now expect to be launched at the iPad 3 announcement. Perhaps we’ll also see more Siri functions becoming active on the GM release such as the UK getting business and directions as well as reviews etc…

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