iOS 4.2 Brings Printing to iPad

Apple [AAPL] mentioned iOS 4.2 today along with the release date of November for the iPad. One of the new features that has been requested a fair bit is printing. iOS 4.2 brings printing to the iPad.

To print you open up a program like Pages, click the menu at the top and the option to print will be available. When you click print you then can select which printer you want to send the job to along with how many copies you want printing.

Down in the multitasking dock is an icon that shows how many print jobs you have pending. When clicked on, a window slides up where you can look at the various print jobs pending. At this point you can cancel print jobs if needed.

As for how it prints, it wasn’t made too clear in the presentation although when selecting a printer, two wireless printers and a MacBook Pro printer was spotted, so we guess it prints over WiFi direct to a wireless printer, or direct to a laptop/computer connected up to a printer. Hopefully documents can print without docking the iPad.

We’ll get more details as they are released.


  1. Printing does not work with TCP/IP shared Printers.

    The Printer must be a Local shared printer.

    Very dissapointing..

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