Install iPhone Flash in 3 Easy Steps

We wrote about getting iPhone flash working earlier this morning. When we first came across Frash (the iPhone version of Flash), we came across a set of instructions with 8 steps to complete the installation process. The steps required you download the software, log in to you iPhone via SSH, enter a username and password along with port numbers as well as a bunch of other things.

Thankfully a more simple install process has already arrived thanks to a Cydia Repo. Rather than going through the whole process of SSH’ing in to your iPhone from a Mac, you can now simply do it in 3 or so steps. We say “or so” as jailbreaking is a requirement as well as tapping on the Cydia icon to load it up with the latter not really being a step as such.

Either way, jailbreak if you haven’t, open Cydia and add the following…

Add this source Frash on iPhone 3
Go to search and type in Frash. Install it. Frash on iPhone

When this is done you’ll have Flash on the iPhone enabled. Please note that only the 3GS and iPhone 4 are flash compatible due to the type of processor each phone uses.

Also note that this works on the iPad according to iThinkDiff.

Will you be installing Frash on your iPhone or iPad?

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