iPhone 4 Jailbreak Released

The first iPhone 4 jailbreak has been launched. The new tool is called JailBreakMe and rather than being a usual app that you install on your computer whilst an iPhone is tethered, you simply load up a website in the Safari browser on the iPhone 4 and use a slide to jailbreak button to perform the jailbreak.

The iPhone 4 jailbreak comes from Comex who is part of the iPhone Dev Team. There have been a couple of bugs mentioned online which includes broken MMS and FaceTime functionality. If you can live without that then go ahead and jailbreak if you don’t mind voiding your warranty.

Update: MMS and FaceTime can be fixed according to the guys over at RedmondPie. Check out this post to get all the details of how to fix that.

Update 2: The latest Jailbreakme online version actually fixes these problems.

Although the jailbreak for iPhone 4 is now available, we are yet to see an unlock arrive just yet. We suspect it isn’t too far away though (leave a comment if there is one available and we’ll update the post).

To jailbreak your iPhone 4 visit jailbreakme in the iPhone Safari browser and simply slide the slide to unlock button and you are good to go.

Via: Apple Insider


  1. Allisa Alloju says

    Great News,
    Thanks Buddy…

  2. Yay!! I’ve been waiting for this one!
    I like the jailbreaking spirit.
    I just saw other article about Jailbreaking for iPad from aneesoft. some people who want to know more can read it.

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