iCloud iTunes Launch for UK Likely 2012

Steve Jobs announced iCloud on Monday. When it arrives, it will allow iOS users to backup their device to the cloud in a seamless and automatic way. Along with iCloud, iTunes in the Cloud was also mentioned. When browsing the UK Apple website (apple.com/uk), you’ll notice that where iTunes in the Cloud is mentioned, it also has a note below it saying “* Starting in the US” as pictured below:

Apple give no time frame for when it will go to other countries, but The Telegraph reports that it could fall in to 2012 due to record labels in the UK still needing to sign up to the service.

I wont go over all the details here as you can visit the site to read the full details.

What we can say is that when iOS 5 is released in the Autumn in the UK, it will have all other syncing and backup features made available with only the iTunes in the Cloud portion of the service missing.

For full details on what iCloud is, you can either visit here or the Apple site.

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