Apple Announce iCloud

Apple iCloud was finally announced yesterday. The new service aims to put all of your content in the cloud and make it an invisible process to move files between each of your Apple devices.

When buying a track from iTunes for example, you can buy it on your iPhone. The track is then loaded to iCloud and any other logged in device such as an iPad, iPod touch or a Mac each have the song downloaded automatically.

The same process works for pictures. If you use the camera on your iPad 2 to capture a photo, it gets uploaded to iCloud and then gets pushed down to all other connected devices that are logged in.

The same works for iBooks and many other apps. When you purchase content or download content on one of the devices, it automatically appears on other devices. The same works for the iWord suite of apps. It is unclear at the moment if other apps will be able to make use of the iCloud service, but we’ll know more when we delve in to the SDK.

Overall, quite an impressive service. The cost is generally free for some usage although if you want to store music in the cloud, there’s a $24.99/year charge which allows you to save 20,000 songs in the cloud. For regular files and photos, it’s free and you get 5GB of storage space. This includes space for Apple to backup your iOS devices so they can be restored automatically when resetting them.

Full details over at Apple.

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