HTC Supersonic Android Phone to be Announced Today

It is expected that the HTC Supersonic will be announced today officially. We first heard of the announcement last week where we mentioned it would be likely getting announced this week, and today is the day that this is supposedly happening.

The HTC Supersonic is Sprints first 4G handset that will use the WiMAX network. When launched it will run Android 2.1 and have the Sense UI overlayed on to it. The screen on the Supersonic measures 4.3 inches and is a capacitive touchscreen.

Other features include a 1GHz Snapdragon processor built by Qualcomm. BGR did get a report a few months back saying that the HTC Supersonic would actually run Android 3.0, although most evidence is now leaning towards it running Android 2.1 although it would be nice to get a surprise in a new version of the OS (similar to the DROID launching early with Android 2.0).

When the announcement is made we’ll post the details here. Hopefully rumours do get confirmed to be correct as there is enough evidence to support that it will be announced today. Engadget managed to get hold of some customer/sprint transcripts that also detailed the launch of the device being today. Also the image below that shows a new device is being announced although it doesn’t say specifically which one.

Via: Gizmodo, These are the Droids and Android and Me

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