HTC Sense UI Could Land on Windows Phone 7

Several weeks ago, Microsoft [MSFT] announced that there would be no third party UI enhancements to Windows Phone 7 which in turn, would give every Windows Phone 7 user the same experience in terms of the UI regardless of what smartphone they are using.

We heard today though that HTC still plans on making some UI enhancements that will see a version of HTC Sense used on Windows Phone 7. In an interview, Drew Bamford of HTC said…

‘Microsoft has taken firmer control of the core experience, meaning that the Sense UI couldn’t be fully integrated into Windows Phone 7 devices, but that they would ‘augment the OS with extra functionality, which he remained tight-lipped about.

It isn’t clear what kind of changes they will and can make, but it seems that HTC want to personalise Windows Phone 7 a little in favour of benefiting the customer.

If we see a demo soon, we’ll post the details.

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