Microsoft to manage Windows Phone 7 Firmware Updates

Microsoft [MSFT] have confirmed that they will be taking responsibility for providing firmware updates to Windows Phone 7 devices when the new OS launches. Right now, Microsoft leave that to the device manufacturers.

Updates will arrive on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices in a couple of different ways. For small updates, they will be received over the air (OTA) using either a 3G connection on the phone or the WiFi connection if available. Larger updates will be downloadable in the Zune Manager software and when tethering a phone to a computer, you’ll be able to update your device.

In my opinion, MS looking after the updates will be a good thing as all users should be able to get the latest updates around the same time. The current method of device manufacturers pushing out updates could cause some phones on some networks to get delays, for example the same phone on the Orange and T-Mobile networks could see Orange customers with a new firmware and T-Mobile lagging behind. With a central coordinated system it should allow all users of a specific phone to get that update when it is made available.

One reason why Microsoft can do this is that they have banned third-party UI enhancements which would make UI’s like HTC Sense unavailable allowing the firmware to more easily be updates across devices.

Also Microsoft are quite strict with their hardware requirements which means if an update works on one phone, it should work on them all.

Via: SlashGear

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