HTC Incredible Pics Leaked

Some leaked shots of the HTC Incredible have been found on the web that show the device from the front and back (without cover). There’s nothing specifically new here other than they are different pictures to what you might have seen before which is always a good thing.

The pictures were found by a user on Twitter called DevDroid who passed the details on to Android Central.

What we currently know about the HTC Incredible is that it will run a HTC Snapdragon CPU that we think will be clocked at 1GHz along with having 256 MB of RAM. The screen is estimated at being 3.5 to 3.7 inches running in a WVGA resolution. It is also expected that the screen will be AMOLED due to how vibrant the pictures have looked in previously leaked shots. The phone will run Google Android when it launches (probably 2.1).

Overall it looks to be another impressive phone from HTC and one well worth looking out for when it launches.

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