HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 Captured on Camera

Some pictures of the HTC HD7 (or perhaps the HD3) have been posted online. The reason we are not so sure of the name at the moment is that it clearly says HD3 on the back of the device although earlier reports and documents leaked from O2 and other places indicate that the new Windows Phone 7 device will be called the HD7. It could be that this particular prototype is an early model before they changed the name of it.

The device its self looks just like the HTC HD7 drawings found on the web a few days back.

Either way, we know that the device above will run Windows Phone 7 and will be a step up from the popular HTC HD2. Hopefully this time around though, people wont want to remove Windows Phone 7 in favour of Android like they did with Windows Mobile 6.5 on the HD2.

Back on to the naming of the new smartphone, we could see both a HD3 and a HD7 launching perhaps with different specs, or maybe with the HD7 being used in different markets to the HD3. I’m sure we’ll find out in the next few weeks when Windows Phone 7 is made official.

Via: UnwiredView

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