HTC HD2 to get Windows Mobile 7 – More Rumours

A couple of times last year a few bits of information were leaked about the possibility of the HTC HD2 getting the Windows Mobile 7 update when it becomes available. From what we understand the WM7 launch isn’t going to be any time soon and will likely be towards the end of the year.

The guys on the XDA Developers forum had one of their members ask about the possibility and a reply came back saying…

‘Thank you for your enquiry about HD2
What we do it ROM Upgrades from our website, however 6.5 windows mobile has only been out 2 months and windows mobile 7 hasn’t even been developed. This wont be out until next November at the earliest. But when it is available it will be a free download. ‘

Just like the last two cases (linked above) of information about the HD2 getting Windows Mobile 7 eventually, this also isn’t strong evidence although the device does run a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and is a high end device, so I side with the device actually getting the update eventually.

As for now it’s just more rumours though, so nothing to get excited about yet. Via: JKOnTheRun and RedmondPie

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