HTC HD2 Now Available – Bad Timing Considering HTC EVO 4G Announcement

The HTC HD2 is now available to buy (officially) on the T-Mobile network in the US. Considering yesterdays announcement of the HTC EVO 4G phone yesterday I don’t think T-Mobile could have planned it any worse. That aside, the HD2 is still a nice phone and on the T-Mobile network it has a number of features such as connectivity to Blockbuster and other channels bundled in.

The HD2 is a Window Mobile 6.5 device that unfortunately won’t be getting updated with Windows Phone 7 Series due to it lacking in certain areas in regards to the criteria set forwards by Microsoft [MSFT] in what hardware specifications are required to run the new OS.

Early reviews of the HD2 on T-Mobile (when it was sold early) indicate that the screen is very nice and better than the iPhone due to it’s sheer size and how clear it is.

The launch does follow a day on from Sprint [S] who announced the HTC EVO 4G yesterday that’s pretty much a new iteration of the HD2 but running the Android OS. Picture below.

There’s certainly many tough decisions to make this year in terms of new phones as image quality gets better and more features are crammed in to them, so choose wisely as you are locked in to a 2 year contract if you buy now. The phone it’s self (contract required) costs $199.99 going up to $449.99 if you lower the monthly cost of having it.

Details can be found on the T-Mobile site.

The picture below shows the new HTC EVO 4G from Sprint.

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