HTC HD2 Sold Early by Walmart

The T-Mobile HTC HD2 is scheduled to be on sale starting March 24 although a couple of reports are showing that Walmart are actually selling it early… as in now (or yesterday even).

A couple of users who managed to get their T-Mobile network version of the HD2 have posted pictures online with one of them even posting an unboxing video. (seen below).

The HD2 on the T-Mobile network runs a few more media functions such as having streaming content and the ability to connect to Blockbuster for content.

It’s unclear if Walmart are still selling the phone, or if it was a one off (well, two off as a couple have been spotted online), so why not give it a shot if you are nearby a Walmart as you might find yourself in luck.

Via: BGR


  1. Hi,

    Can you use the browser and explore some websites that use flash? It’d be nice to see how it reacts to these sort of websites.


  2. No Flash on WM 6.5. And it looks like Wally World has put a tighter grip on these presales, I got rejected at the one closest to me.

  3. Definitely the video of all the phone htc hd2 are really very sophisticated and good………. All the things are shown very preciously and in a attractive way………

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