HTC HD2 on Amazon for $99.99 on Contract

Amazon have a good deal on the HTC HD2 at the moment offering quite a large discount on the handset when signing up for a contract with T-Mobile.

The phone as mentioned several times before comes to T-Mobile quite late in the game with other providers already selling it for several months, but due to it’s 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen and fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor it’s still quite a desired smartphone.

The phone it’s self runs Windows Mobile 6.5 as the operating system and includes a 16GB microSD card for expanding the memory capacity of the device.

Overall an impressive phone and well worth it should you want a Windows Mobile 6.5 device rather than a Windows Phone 7 Series device that’s due out later this year. One thing to remember though is that the HD2 cannot be upgraded to Microsofts [MSFT] new operating system that is launching sometime between September and December. If you can get past that problem then you’ve got a great deal here.

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