HTC EVO 4G Storage Bug

The HTC EVO 4G launches today in the US. The new smartphone is capable of 10X the download speed of a 3G phone making it the quickest around today. Of course, that assumes you are in a 4G area under good network circumstances. However, the launch was hit with a slight snag in that some reports are saying that a problem with the 8GB microSD card that ships with the EVO 4G in that there is a permissions problem that won’t let users write data to the card.

‘It seems to be fairly widespread among those who received the phones, says Andy Y, an Evo user who has been in touch with Google and HTC tech support over his faulty Evo SD card. ‘It’s a troubling trend. He has posted extensively on an online Android forum about his experience, where he says about 20 people have complained of similar problems.

The issue was also acknowledged by HTC…

‘We have seen this crop up intermittently in some of the Evo 4G devices, Nowak told ‘We have identified the cause, are testing a solution and expect to have a software solution available very shortly that will be automatically pushed to phones over the air.

One possible fix is a reboot of the phone or switching the card out. Although it isn’t good that an expensive smartphone has an issue on day 1 of launch, it’s good to hear that HTC now know of the problem and will fix it. The HTC EVO 4G is still an impressive smartphone regardless of a slight technical hitch, although it must be frustrating for those who have the problems.

Full details of the launch are available on the Sprint site.

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