HTC EVO 4G OTA Update Incoming

Sprint [S] is pushing out an OTA update to HTC EVO 4G owners. The update is 21.43MB in size and is version number 1.47.651.1. It is expected that the minor update will enhance WiFi connectivity, perhaps even officially enabling 802.11n as well as improving battery performance.

We don’t have the full update details just yet though officially although comments on Engadget indicate that some screen issues have been fixed and that the device feels a bit more responsive than before. Also someone mentioned that the 30 frames per second limit was still in place.

If HTC or Sprint push out the official details of the update we’ll update the site with what’s new. Has anyone updated their HTC EVO 4G? Any problems or is it just a minor fix for a few things?


  1. I updated my evo and it downloaded fine, but when it came to restarting it froze on the 4G screen and would turn off and back on and off again. I opened it in safe mode which worked fine and then turned it off and back on again but some of my widgets and apps couldn’t load so I removed them from the screen and added them back on and everything seems to work fine now.

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