HTC DROID Incredible to Transition from AMOLED to SLCD

There’s a shortage of AMOLED displays in the world which is forcing HTC to switch to a different screen technology on some of its smartphones. The HTC Desire and Google Nexus One have already transitioned to Super LCD displays. Next up is rumoured to be the HTC DROID Incredible according to a document posted on Android Central.

A new SKU is mentioned in the document which is ADR6300VW3, and the documents goes on to say that the Incredible with SLCD will start shipping by the end of this month.

The main question is now figuring out if you want to buy a DROID Incredible with an AMOLED screen, or if you want to buy the phone with an SLCD. Most people probably wont recognise the difference, but to some they might insist the AMOLED screen. If that’s you then order it sooner rather than later.

Just a quick note before moving on… HTC hasn’t confirmed if this document/screen capture is correct or not, so there’s a slim chance it could be a hoax. But, with other HTC devices already making the switch over it doesn’t seem far out of question that the Incredible could also follow suit.

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