HTC to use S-LCD due to AMOLED Shortages

It seems like the Samsung Super AMOLED screen is in short supply forcing HTC to start looking at S-LCD screens manufactured by Sony and Samsung in a joint venture.

From what we understand the HTC Desire, HTC Droid Incredible and Google Nexus One will soon be supplied with one or the other type of screen. From the tests HTC performed the company says that there isn’t really any difference that regular users will notice although somehow it seems they will need to notify customers some how to what type of screen is to be found in the phone.

Part of the shortage problems appears to be with Samsung pushing it’s new Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.

Our AM-OLED display production lines are running at full capacity, a Samsung Mobile Display spokesperson said. Samsung mobile displays new 5.5 gen plant starts in July 2011.

It isn’t clear when the changes will happen, or if they will happen at all as it still appears to be in early stages at the moment. If we hear anything soon we’ll let you know. Hopefully we can get hold of a HTC device soon that will use the Sony/Samsung S-LCD screen to test and see what differences, if any, can be found.

Via: OLED Display


  1. switching screens is better…. the TFT LCD is less battery costly… and it CAN put out similar saturated colors like the AMOLED… i think the AMOLED is up and coming.. but the TFTLCD is better right now considering the circumstances. is the main problem with smartphones not the battery life?>??? because this wiill help the incredible and nexus one’s batttery life, and it will enable better sight in direct sunlight. i think 3 pros and only 1 con equals a good trade..d

  2. S-LCD is NOT “Super LCD”. Matter of fact, there is no such thing as a “Super TFT-LCD”.

    S-LCD is a lcd manufacturing COMPANY NAME formed through a joint venture by Samsung and Sony. The majority owner being Samsung, the company and its plant is based in South Korea, home to Samsung.

    What HTC is doing is bascially giving up one of Samsung’s products for different one.

    HTC isnt “pissed”. Some of these journalists who make up these stories try too hard to put some personality to companies as if they are people. There are no pissy contests, its all business, all about making money.

    No matter where device manufacturers go, Samsung will ALWAYS be there. This company has its footing in practically all major electronic components business, from LED lights to core processors.

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