HTC Desire HD Screen Shots

Thanks to the HTC Desire HD ROM leak, a number of screenshots have been captured of what the new ROM will look like when it launches. The screenshots were captured thanks to the HTC HD2 Desire HD ROM port that was released yesterday.

New features on the ROM include the latest version of HTC Sense that will soon have the ability to interface with

During the account setup, we see that the ability to create a HTC Sense account has been provided (screen shot below). This will allow the device to synchronise with the sense service to back up data as well as an option to download new themes for the Desire HD (or HD2 in this case).

Overall it looks like the Desire HD ROM has some nice additions to make the Android smartphone more user friendly. If you want to run the HTC Desire HD ROM on your HD2 then check out this post here for details of how to do that.

Via: Android Spin

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