HTC Desire HD ROM for HD2 Now Ready

Yesterday, the HTC Desire HD ROM was leaked online. The ROM that leaked wasn’t the final build although it was a full build.

It appears that the guys at XDA Developers have already managed to get a working version to port on to the HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone.

Along with being able to get the HTC Desire HD ROM on to the HD2, it also allows people to see what exactly is in the latest version of HTC Sense. When is opened up it will also allow HD2 owners more access to extra skins and the likes.

PocketNow decided to run a test on their own HD2 to see what the Desire HD ROM looks like and what is different.

New features in the ROM show that widgets also have thinner borders allowing more data to be displayed on screen. The email widget for example, provides a message preview.

Check out the video below to see the Desire HD ROM in action. If you want to get the ROM for your own HD2, then you need to download the source files, drop them on to a memory card, open haret.exe from Explorer on your PC, wait about 15 minutes for the first boot to happen and then the Desire HD ROM will be running on your HD2.


  1. Its really nice application and thanks for providing nice information about HD ROM on HTC mobile phone

  2. I like the video and the hd desire rom on the hd2 phone my Question is,since the hd2 is running the android hd desire rom would the windows phone run the android apps that you can download ? or is it still a windows phone just running the desire hd rom.Also what happens to the windows app’s already running on the hd2 phone will they run with the desire rom ?

  3. Kaizaddastoor93 says

    my hd2 runs the desire rom but after it has started it is loading something and goes on and on and on but nothing happens what is it ??? plz help

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