Android 2.2 on HTC Desire From Today

We posted a little while ago, a few comment regarding Android 2.2 arriving for the HTC Desire. Its always rather mind-boggling to think why delays such as Android updates can take months to launch for the latest handsets. But nevertheless, as of today, those who own the HTC Desire will finally be getting their long awaited update with thanks to the UK network Three.

We’re not too sure why this update took longer than expected as all Three have said in the past is that it would be a few weeks. But hey, its here.

Android 2.2 aka ‘Froyo’ is the latest update that will boost you browser capabilities by utilising Adobe’s Flash v.10 software which will allow for greater content viewing over the web and other flash related content.

This news comes as owners of other mobile devices such as Sony Ericsson’s X10 are still impatiently waiting for their next update from Android 1.6 which is the OS the device came out with at launch in March.

Via: Techradar

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