HTC Assessing Development of Own Smartphone OS

HTC are assessing the possibility of developing their own operating system for smartphones. Reasons for this seem to include their ever growing popularity as smartphone manufacturers and their current reliance on operating systems primarily from Microsoft [MSFT] and Google [GOOG]. If they develop their own OS they will become an independent platform allowing them to create what they want.

Just yesterday we mentioned that Palm [PALM] was up for sale and that they were actively looking for a buyer, even to the point of wanting to start negotiations as early as this week. Palm are believed to have said to HTC – hey, asses webOS.

HTC buying webOS would put the company in a potentially powerful position. webOS hasn’t had the best of starts, but on the whole it’s a great OS that just lacks the hardware. Mix a decent hardware provider (HTC) with some decent software (webOS) you get quite an interesting team there.

Now of course we probably wont hear much for the next little while, but it seems like HTC would be best working with something already built rather than trying to tackle the big 3 by themselves where others have already failed.

Via: PhoneScoop

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