Palm, Inc. Looking for Buyers – HTC, Dell, Lenovo and More Interested

Reports today are indicating that Palm, Inc. are actually looking for buyers. Palm (NASDAQ: PALM) are reported to be wanting buyers and wanting bids in as quick as this week.

Three companies are known to be interested at the moment which includes HTC, Lenovo and Dell and there could be others too. Dell have also made comment through a spokesperson although HTC and Lenovo have declined to comment so far. Other companies that could be in the running for Palm include Huawei and ZTE who are not as mainstream in terms of known brands although they are certainly not small companies.

webOS it’s self is a good platform but hasn’t seemed to make too much progress in it’s current hardware installations. HTC are one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers and have built some amazing devices over the last few years. If they were to get the Palm company and webOS we’d see some very nice phones and perhaps see webOS in with a chance of tackling the top 3, ie Apple [AAPL], Microsoft, [MSFT] and Google [GOOG].

We’ll get more details as they arrive, but it’s certainly going to be interesting watching this develop over the coming months.

Via: SlashGear

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