HTC Android 3.0 Tablet Could Launch Q1 2011

According to Digitimes, HTC could be launching an Android 3.0 based tablet in the first quarter of 2011. Android 3.0 AKA Gingerbread, is believed to be the tablet friendly version of the Android OS and is believed to be specifically designed to run on larger screened devices.

Along with 3.0 being a more friendly OS for tablets, it is also believed that apps launched in to the Market for 3.0 will also have more friendly tablet apps much in a similar way to how the iPad has specific apps.

The specific tablet launching by HTC doesn’t have any known details yet and it isn’t clear if this tablet is the same as the rumoured Chrome OS tablet that HTC is also building at the moment.

As for screen sizes, memory capacity and other details, we do not know these yet. It is expected that HTC will launch tablets via carriers though due to their good track record of working with carriers.

We’ll try get more details on this one as it certainly sounds interesting that HTC could be making both a Chrome OS tablet and an Android 3.0 tablet.

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