HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone 7 Spotted

An image of the HTC 7 Trophy has been spotted online. It isn’t clear which of the HTC Windows Phone 7 devices it actually is, ie the Schubert, Mozart, Mondrian, Spark or something different as it is listed as the HTC 7 Trophy on screen, which could also be a code name in its self.

The device is listed as having 7.2GB of total storage (8GB formatted we assume) and it is running Windows Phone 7 version 7.0.7003.0.

The device will run the HTC Sense Hub when it launches. Other than this image, we don’t know anything else about the device otther than what it looks like in the image below. It is expected that Microsoft [MSFT] will officially announce the launch of Windows Phone 7 within the next couple of weeks. At that point, we expect all the hardware manufacturers to release details of what smartphones they will be offering and when.

A few things we do know is that at launch, several manufacturers will be on board with creating Windows Phone 7 hardware. These companies include HTC, LG, Samsung, Dell and ASUS. We have seen a number of these devices that have been sent out to developers such as a Samsung prototype, an ASUS device and a photoshopped Mozart to name a few.

Via: Pocket Now

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