Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 7 Hardware Manufacturers

Windows Phone 7 is set to challenge the likes of iOS 4 and Android when it launches in a few months time. Microsoft [MSFT] has dropped quite far behind in recent years due to it’s outdated Windows Mobile OS. The new revamped OS is called Windows Phone 7 and has been built from the ground up. A new UI has been created, compatibility with old apps has been cut off and Microsoft is making a clean start with this OS.

We have heard what the hardware requirements are in the past such as the specific processor, specific amounts of memory, camera resolution, screen resolution and other details. We have also seen some sample handsets from the likes of Samsung and LG amongst a few others. What we haven’t seen, until now, is a list of official manufacturers who will be creating the hardware to run Windows Phone 7.

The list includes HTC, LG and Samsung as we expected. Dell and ASUS will also be building hardware.

The first three have quite a big presence in the mobile phone market. HTC makes a good number of Android based phones as well as Windows Mobile phones. LG over the recent two years has also stepped up the game and created some very nice looking handsets although they generally use LG’s own OS which made them lack a little. Samsung of course have the Samsung Galaxy S class that is doing extremely well. Dell don’t do too much in the mobile phone space although the launch of the Dell Streak recently shows they are coming back. As for ASUS, they have had a few Garmin/ASUS navigation phones out on the market but generally we don’t see much of them in the mobile space.

It’s good to see five manufacturers on board though and especially HTC and Samsung who could potentially make some high class phones. Also don’t forget Dell who are believed to be creating a number of new smartphones from what we heard a few months ago.

If we get some specific hardware details we’ll post them.

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