HP Slate 500 brings Eight Windows 7 Tablets to Choose From

It appears that eight variations a Windows 7 based HP Slate could be launched.

Don’t too excited just yet. These models are anything but official as they were simply found on some random HP product listing. However, the brief description ” embedded below ” should make some people’s day. It seems like the original HP Slate complete with Windows 7, 8.9-inch screen, dual cameras, and ” this is new ” some sort of stylus/pen input.

Details now indicate that as well as creating a webOS tablet, HP are also still working along side Microsoft [MSFT] to create the Slate as originally described earlier this year.

Eight product numbers were mentioned by HP which will more than likely see eight variations in terms of 3G or 3G less models, differences in RAM and perhaps differences with other models in other countries. The changes that HP usually make on their products are small and subtle.

The details found are not concrete evidence although from what we understand, HP have provided product numbers which makes it look likely that the HP Slate could run Windows 7 or perhaps the compact version of it.

Via: CrunchGear

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