HP PalmPad WebOS Version Landing Early 2011 – Rumour

HPs EVP Todd Bradley has commented that we could see the WebOS based HP PalmPad arrive early next year. HP also filed for the PalPad trademark earlier this year which also indicated a possible launch.

The HP PalmPad will join the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the newly announced BlackBerry PlayBook in the fight against the Apple iPad. Each runs a different OS which makes the whole thing a little more intriguing. WebOS of course, is what runs on devices such as the Palm Pre. The OS its self works well and with some tweaks, it could easily work well on a larger screened tablet device.

It isn’t clear when a webOS based tablet will arrive, but we suspect it might be on show at CES 2011 that begins early January which is just a few months away.

HPs plans are a little unknown at the moment in regards to tablets. We have also recently seen the HP Slate as well as heard rumours of an Android based tablet being made available. We are sure things will become clear in the next few months.

Via: Zath

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