HP Slate Gets a Mini Review

Details of the HP Slate are still a little thin on the ground. Hopefully this leaked Slate along with a mini review will help you understand a little more about the Windows 7 tablet device.

The HP Slate review was uploaded to YouTube and gives a walk around of the device looking at what hardware buttons it has, what they do as well as a few details about the camera on the back.

The HP Slate (Windows 7 version) takes around 10 seconds to switch on. I’m not 100% sure if that’s from a cold boot or if switch on time will always be measured in seconds rather than being instant like the iPad.

Back to the physical aspects of the HP Slate, it does weigh less than the iPad although it looks a looks a little thicker in comparison. This will depend on what materials the Slate is built from.

The main news here is that it seems the HP Slate is still alive in a Windows 7 version. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for more details.

Via: Gizmodo

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