Horizon H-Cell 2.0 Hydrogen Fuel Cell now Available

Back in February we mentioned the Horizon H-Cell 2.0 Hydrogen Fuel Cell. At that time it had a launch date for March detailed. We hear now, after a short wait, that it is now available to purchase.

The Hydrogen Cell kit is designed for radio controlled cars. The RC car required needs to be 1/10 in scale and the kit fits in most models although in some cases of smaller car body shells, they might need to be slightly adjusted to accommodate.

Some impressive numbers show that the Horizon H-Cell 2.0 can keep a car moving at 45MPH or more for up a full hour which is quite impressive considering a battery powered only version would only go for single digit minutes.

The H-Cell is compatible with other RC vehicles too including boats although due to the weight, it might not function in a battery powered RC helicopter.

Unfortunately we do not know the prices yet, but expect them any time in the next day or so.


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