H-Cell 2.0 RC Car Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Launched

The H-Cell 2.0 is a new system built by Horizon that aims to bring more charge to an RC car by adding portably hybrid power to the said car.

The system sits on the chassis of the RC car above the battery and has two hydrogen tanks with one on each side of the car allowing even weight distribution. By adding the H-Cell 2.0 to your RC car you can increase run times by a factor of 3 to 4 times.

The battery provides the acceleration power, while the fuel cell provides cruise power as well as extra energy for the battery. This decreases the amount of batteries needed, eliminates the need to charge batteries, and provides much longer run times for the vehicle (factor of 3 to 4).

The kit includes a model-scale refuelling station that can draw hydrogen from water and electricity. The device is called HYDROFILL which when it has done it’s job it sends the hydrogen to what is called HYDROSTIK to store the fuel ready for usage. Electricity can be generated from either wind-turbines or solar panels to create 100% renewable fuel for the car.

The car uses two HYDROSTIK’s which can store 12Wh of energy each which is around 10L of hydrogen. A smaller lithium battery is used in the kit that can boost power output when quick acceleration or top speed is needed. The fuel cells on the system provide cruise power as well as charge for the lithium battery to extend run times.

Pricing is not available just yet although announcements will be made in the next few days with launch dates pencilled in for sometime in March.

Full details of the H-Call 2.0 can be found here. Via: I4U

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