HD Video Calls Through Your TV Courtesy of Cisco

Thanks to Cisco’s Umi telepresence, you will now be able to use this technology to utilise your existing HD TV set and broadband connection to gain…

“the most lifelike, natural video communication experience available to consumers today.”

Apparently, according to Cisco, consumers will be able to video-chat using their own HD TV set (however large that may be) in the highest resolution available to them without the lagging frame rate issues that can sometimes plague many webcams and other video-conferencing systems available at present.

Plus due to the ever-growing availability of Skype and broadband internet connections, video conferencing is steadily increasing in popularity.

Below we’ve included a video of Cisco’s Umi in action.

The practical use for this new tech is obvious in that families can stay better connected over long distances and this could also possibly allow for greater teacher/student relations with regards to online learning. But these are just a couple of the many applications ‘Umi’ can be used for.

(Via: Techradar.com)


  1. Larry nardolillo says

    So, how can I get this UMI Presence?

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