Handy USB to SATA Adapter

usb_to_sata_adapterIf the USB to SATA Drive Dock was a bit too big for your liking then another option is the USB to SATA adapter which is far smaller and does pretty much the same job.

It has it’s own inbuilt power supply which provides power to the SATA drive and all you need to do is connect up the USB port to your computer and copy all the files off your drive.

The adapter is ideal for those times when you don’t want to open up your computer to grab a few files from an old drive and the adapter is small enough to carry around when needed.

Available from USBNow for £17.99 in the UK.


  1. Kev - LG says

    Oh, the many times I could have done with having one of these to hand. A very handy gadget!

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