Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition

It’s been a long time coming but Rockstar have finally set their sights on a re-release for their massively successful, top trump Grand Theft Auto IV, that on it’s own managed to sell well over 13 million copies world wide in 2008.

According to Amazon, ‘Grand Theft Auto: Complete Edition’ has been marked for an October 26th release in the US though it’s still unknown when the release will hit the UK, Rockstar have confirmed that it will indeed be arriving in the coming weeks.

The ‘Complete Edition’ will include the original Grand Theft Auto starring none other than Niko Bellic along with it’s two standalone expansion packs The Lost and the Damned and The Ballard of Gay Tony.

Pricing stateside will be $39.99 and we’re making an estimated guess that it will fall around a similar price in the UK, once the currency is converted to English pounds. Both Xbox 360 gamers and Ps3 gamers alike will be kept happy though unfortunately we don’t have any confirmations as yet for a re-release on the PC. Fingers Crossed.

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